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Reiki Treatment in person

As you receive Reiki you will be fully clothed and resting comfortably in a chair or on a massage table. When lying on a massage table you will begin your session on your back for the first half of the session. You will then turn over onto your stomach. If this is not comfortable, you may remain on your back or lie on your side.

During the treatment, the practitioner gently places her hands on or slightly above the client in a series of positions generally starting at the head and finishes at the feet.

The client may feel hot or cold sensations coming from the practitioner's hands. Some clients can also feel a pulsation or vibration, a tingling sensation or see colors.

Reiki energy instills a sense of peace and balance. During client is able to relax and be open to receive the healing. The client will feel and overall sense of well being and relaxation. Sometimes clients are so relaxed, they fall asleep. It is OK.

Reiki sessions are available by appointment. Your appointment time includes the healing session itself and a short conversation before and after treatment in order to determine your needs and to create a treatment plan.

Regular rates of Reiki session in person are $90 for an hour session.

Payments may be made by cash, check or credit card through PayPal.

Schedule your appointment:

(650) 532-3454

Gift certificates may be purchased for a Reiki healing sessions and training classes.

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