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Currently​ all classes are conducted online

Reiki 1 Class (No prerequisite)

Class Description

Reiki history, principles, hand positions and techniques from both

the Western and Japanese teaching traditions are taught in our Level 1 classes.

Students are attuned to Reiki energy and have the opportunity to practice energy exercises and healing techniques.

Reiki Level 1 certification allows one to progress to Level 2 Reiki classes when ready.

Class Fee is $200

Reiki 2 Class (Reiki 1 prerequisite)

Class Description

Students learn Reiki symbols and mantras and more healing techniques

which are used to focus the energy for particular purposes.

Symbols may be used to focus, harmonize or connect the energy

with client in order to affect mental/emotional issues.

Distance healing techniques are taught which enable the practitioner to “send” Reiki

to anyone, anywhere and any time with the same effectiveness.

Reiki 2 certificate allows one to progress to Level 3 (Master level) when ready.

Class Fee is $225

Reiki 3A Class (Reiki 2 prerequisite)

Class Description

Reiki 3A (Advanced Reiki Practitioner) Advanced Reiki Practitioner training is the first step

of the Reiki Mastery Course. This class is for students who have completed

Level 2 Reiki training and desire to further develop their healing skills.

Students will receive attunement to the highest level with the Reiki Master Symbol

for use in Reiki healing sessions either for self or others.

In addition, personal development and healing techniques will be discussed.

Students will receive Advanced Reiki Practitioner certificates at the completion of class and they

will be eligible to progress on to Reiki Master training classes when ready. 

Class Fee is $250

Reiki 3B Course (Reiki 3A prerequisite)

Course Description

Reiki 3B (Reiki Master) training is for those Advanced Reiki Practitioners who feel ready to commit

to deepening their understanding of the personal healing process and share it with others.

The emphasis of this course is on how to teach classes and on using Reiki to discover the Great Bright Light

that is already present inside you. Students will learn the energetic attunement process and use the Reiki symbols energetically to practice attuning each other to all three levels of Reiki.

Exercises and discussions will be presented to develop your relationship with Reiki for personal

and spiritual development as well as allowing it to shine on others.

This course consists of five monthly 3-hour workshop classes.

Students will receive a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher certificate after completion of this course. 

Class Fee is $650

Payment for classes may be made by cash, check, or credit card through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle.

Larisa 650-532-3454

​​Gift certificates may be purchased for a Reiki training classes at the regular r​ate.

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